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We authorize you to access and use the primary purpose of conducting civil personal injury legal services in The State of Texas. Accessing or using without consenting to the terms of these notices and agreement is unauthorized and prohibited. Any access or use of the Web site for unlawful purposes, purposes other than those allowed under these notices and agreement or in a manner contrary to the terms of these notices or agreement is unauthorized and prohibited. Among other things, attempts to “crack,” disrupt, bring down, infect with a computer virus or worm, block access to by others, or spoof are unauthorized. Also unauthorized are attempts to impersonate others or to intercept data intended for others. Unauthorized use may be a violation of law, including a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and National Information Infrastructure Protection Act (18 U.S.C. sect. 1030) and mail fraud statutes if it leads to an item being delivered by mail and may result in criminal penalties.

Importance of Privacy

We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of the public.

Personal Information We May Ask for and Its Uses

We do not require you to provide any personal information just to access If you choose to use certain services provided by, such as submitting a form, we may need to confirm whom you claim to be to provide access, a process known as authentication.

Authentication may entail asking you to provide certain sensitive personal identifying information, in particular your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, date of birth, that the Davis Law Firm will verify by querying commercial or Government databases. The only criterion is that the information you provide is consistent with the records in the databases we access for authentication.

Personal Information Not Sought from Children

We do not attempt to collect personally identifiable information on-line from children age 18 or younger. Furthermore, we do not attempt to authenticate any person claiming to be age 18 or younger.

Our Legal Authority to Ask for Personal Information

We ask for personal information during authentication so that we can provide civil personal injury legal services. Unless stated otherwise, the providing of this information is voluntary, not mandatory; however, if you choose not to provide this information we may not be able to process your requests.

Among the voluntary information we may seek, Social Security numbers are also requested for the purposes of providing civil personal injury legal services.

To Whom We May Release Personal Information

The parties to whom we disclose information may include:

Third parties responsible for the redress of a civil personal injury claim, its insurers, agents and employees who are responsible for investigating the civil personal injury claim. The records and information may also be disclosed to first party insurers, agents and employees who are responsible for investigating the first party civil personal injury claim.

Appropriate Federal, state, local or foreign agencies responsible for investigating or prosecuting the violation of, or for enforcing or implementing, a statute, rule, regulation, order, or license. The records and information may also be disclosed to commercial database vendors to the extent necessary to obtain information pertinent to such an investigation, prosecution, enforcement or implementation.

A court, magistrate, or administrative tribunal, in the course of presenting evidence, including disclosures to opposing counsel or witnesses, for the purpose of civil discovery, litigation, or settlement negotiations or in response to a subpoena, where relevant or potentially relevant to a proceeding, or in connection with criminal law proceedings.

Federal and state agencies, their agents and contractors, and to employers of individuals who owe delinquent debt such as tax liens and child support liens.

In addition, if authentication is successful, we may make the information you provide, and the details of how we concluded authentication was successful, available to the database that owns the application with which you are attempting to complete a transaction.

We will not license or sell your personal information for commercial purposes.

Unsolicited Information

We may send notices to your e-mail address with regard to legal services offered by The Davis Law Firm.

Caution About Sending Unencrypted Personal Information Over the Internet

If you choose to send personal information electronically or request that we send you personal information electronically (such as by e-mail), we cannot guarantee its confidentiality as it travels across the Internet. While not likely, others could eavesdrop.

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